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Bamboo Natural Therapy

Natural remedies and therapies

Special Oils

At Bamboo Natural Therapy we use only natural and luxurious massage oils made with pure essential oils and plant extracts.

We have chosen to use the Naturallythinking range of massage oils which use 100% pure oils and have no added preservatives, chemicals or dispersants. The pure massage oil blends contain organic ingredients and rich organic bases of Argan, Sea Buckthorn, Almond and cold pressed Sunflower.

We stock a range of Naturallythinking massage oils which are used for massage sessions at our shop and are available to purchase at very competitive prices for home use.

Our base massage oil is Sweet Almond Oil. It is lubricating but not penetrating, which makes it an excellent massage oil and protectant. Naturallythinking sources its Sweet Almond crop from Spain where the Mediterranean climate makes for excellent oleic acid content along with rich vitamin analysis. Sweet Almond is especially suited to dry, sensitive and irritated skin. It is softening, revitalising and nourishing to the skin.

We also offer a selection of Naturallythinking’s oils for our massage customers which are also available for retail sale for home use.

Tranquility Massage Oil is a beautiful blend of Lavender, Frankincense and Sandalwood Almond and Jojoba to nourish the skin and calm the mind. Allow your mind to relax and escape from the humdrum of life with evocative aromas of Lavender Fields and woody undertones of Sandalwood with the sweet, resin like scent of Frankincense.

Renewed Energy Massage Oil is uplifting and rejuvenating, the body is filled with positivity. A blend of Bergamot, which has positive effects on the mind, with fresh and vibrant Australian Eucalyptus oil. Wild Thyme helps stimulate the body into action and a little soothing Lavender provides a re-assuring base to the oil.

Love & Sensuality Massage Oil is created with the finest Ylang Ylang, inhibition easing Clary Sage and arousing Pimento Berry with a twist of Indonesian Sandalwood. Ylang Ylang has long been associated with sensual and erotic feelings whilst Clary Sage naturally reduces body tension and release inhibitions. These combine with Oriental Pimento Berry, which not only smells divine but is rich in mythical aphrodisiac properties, and Indonesian Sandalwood for exotic undertones. To finish, a chocolatey lushness is provided by Benzoin. Sensual Massage Oil is enjoyed by men and women alike with its mixture of floral, woody and chocolate scents and is ideal for our couples massage.

Detox Massage Oil naturally stimulates your circulation, eliminates toxins and rejuvenates your body. Poor circulation can lead to aches, pains and discomfort which can then lead to further problems. Massage in itself is useful at helping to promote healthy circulation which in turn eliminates toxins from the body and skin. Naturallythinking’s Detox Massage Oil helps promote healthy circulation in the body and bloodstream, encouraging and stimulating blood flow in the body. Detox is made with wonderful light Coconut which leaves the skin soft and locks in the essential oils on the surface of the skin. If you can, best results are achieved when you allow Detox oil to remain on the skin for 6 - 12 hours before showering or bathing.

Training & Sports Massage Oil is perfect for athletes and sports and active people with detoxifying Juniper berry, circulation stimulating Rosemary and warming Black Pepper. Designed for use during a Sports Massage; the oils helps the therapist in their task to aid quick physical recovery and prevent injury with a gentle warming action, helping to promote healthy muscle function.

Shower gel, shampoo & liquid soap

We also stock a range of Naturallythinking’s shower gels, shampoos and liquid hand soaps – for retail sale and in our shop. They are beautifully indulgent and synthetic fragrance, paraben and colouring free. All are rich in natural ingredients for their scent and colour and made using natural glucosides and oxygenated Aloe Vera in the place of sulphates for those looking for a truly natural alternative.

The shower gels are blended not only for their divine scent but their therapeutic skin rejuvenation using the power of aromatherapy and natural botanicals.

Naturallythinking shampoo has been created by an obsessive focus on detail. The softness of the African Baobab, the clarity of Morrocan Argan and hair rejuvenation from Brazillian Andiroba highlight the pure quality and excellence of the shampoo range.

Bursting full of Spa like scent and rich in essential oils, Naturallythinking’s liquid soap hand wash is incredibly gentle on your skin whilst being rich in natural antibacterial and skin conditioning properties.